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We at Vellichor understand that change and transformation is difficult. Every business is different, each scenario must be planned before change can truly be embedded. Our team have a wide background of experience to leverage in your businesses journey 

Business Transformations & Change

Unlike traditional change projects, Transformation is another animal altogether, it doesn’t focus on a few discrete, well-defined shifts, but rather on a portfolio of initiatives, which are interdependent or intersecting. More importantly, the overall goal of transformation is to reinvent the organisation and discover a new or revised business model based on a vision for the future

Stratigic Business Development

Solid experience in strategy as well as corporate development – from evaluating market entry opportunities to negotiating and structuring deals. We not only to advise, but also to help the business implement recommendations – either by leading an integration team or a profit improvement workshop at a plant. We sit at the table and help the top leaders of your business solve their toughest strategic questions. 

ERP Implementation and Management

There's no getting around the fact that ERP deployment is a major undertaking, but the process doesn't have to be painful. With proper planning and execution, implementing an ERP system should be a smooth process and quickly improve efficiency across your business.



Data & Security Audits and Protection

The focus of our audits is to determine whether the organisation has implemented policies and procedures to regulate the processing of personal data and that processing is carried out in accordance with such policies and procedures. When an organisation complies with its requirements, it is effectively identifying and controlling risks to prevent breaching the DPA. 

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