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Transatlantic Migration

Moving any shared service is challenging, moving it from the UK to the US brings even more risks. Vellichor worked with the programme team to manage the programme and mitigate identified risks. Services were migrated with minimal planned hyper care and the project received awards for its management and success.

From the 20th to the 21st Century

Change within a business is only magnified when true business transformation is required. This programme of change within an established service industry, was performed under strict governance of risk, costs and defined benefits. Vellichor took the lead in this programme from vendor selections to programme and change management. Working with the business to embed their transformation.

Define the future


Vellichor has a practical methodology, working with the business to define future state. By facilitating workshops throughout the current structure of an the organisation we have taken large steps with a customer taking them towards a model that it both efficient and flexible. 

Fresh Approach to Data Protection

Data protection within a business has become a massive talking point. At Vellichor we don't just want to talk about it but practically help. Recent projects have taken this practical approach to help define write and embed Data Protection policies and procedures within a business. Not only are these procedures effective for today's GDPR legislation but for the future post Brexit world.

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